Andrew is a compelling speaker who brings to life in a clear and striking manner how economic, financial and social trends will influence markets and the world around us.  Whether talking to a large audience or rapid fire Q&A with a small group Andrew combines humour with deep insight from his academic research and policy engagement to leave the audience motivated by a clarity of insight into the world around them and its implications for their business.

  • Professor Andrew Scott on Brexit

    In the EU referendum on 23 June, do you think Britain should vote to remain in the EU or leave? Have your say: https://goo.gl/PbkZPW

    Britain will have less control over Europe if it is not part of it, according to Professor Andrew Scott. And a vote to leave the EU would lead to a loss of trade and possibly devaluation of the pound.

    This video is the fifth in a series of interviews with some of our world class faculty. We speak to London Business School’s Dean, Professor Sir Andrew Likierman, and leading economists Richard Portes, Lucrezia Reichlin, Hélène Rey and Andrew Scott, about the economic consequences for Europe if Britain exits the EU.

  • The intersection of technology and demography and changing social fabrics

    Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics and Deputy Dean at London Business School, talks about the ways technology redefines demographic and professional characteristics of today’s entrepreneurs. He also talks about “beconomy” and “becons” which is a new stage of life for young adults who are trying to experiment as independent producers.

    The 2014 Global Leadership Summit explored the Generation Tech and the impact of technology on global business. It took place 24 June 2014.

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With new technologies it isn't just jobs that change but how we measure the skills we have to perform them. Interesting piece by @pilitaclark on the job interview of the feature with reference to #100yearlife ft.com/content/9dfcd4…

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