Andrew is a compelling speaker who brings to life in a clear and striking manner how our world around us is changing.  His forthcoming book focuses on how technology, longevity and shifting social relationships are redesigning our lives and considers what individuals, corporates, governments and our educational system need to do in response.

Whether talking to a large audience or rapid fire Q&A with a small group Andrew combines humour with deep insight to help the audience ‘join the dots’ and leaving them motivated and clear about the implications for their business.

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  • Andrew Scott speaking on changing the way we live

  • Milken Institute Panel on Opportunities from an Aging Population Longevity Strategies for 21st Century Business

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Historically ¼-1/3 infants died in first year of life and ½ in first five years of life. Higher mortality rates than Orangutans and Gorillas. buff.ly/2IzQZf2 pic.twitter.com/CEU4N34o5x

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