Longevity and the Reshaping of Life

Best practice life expectancy over the last 150 years has increased at a near constant rate of around two to three years every decade. If this trend continues then UK life expectancy is 105 for girls and 102 for boys. We are each set to live longer than the generations who came before. Longevity critically is not the same as ageing but is instead about all of life. Our current social practices evolved in the 20th century and were based on a life expectancy of around 70 years. Because we are living longer we need to restructure how we live our lives. The implications for individuals, households, corporates and governments are immense There is a pressing need to make people aware of this growing longevity and how to maximise the chances of enjoying it. It is crucial that we address huge differences in life expectancy that exist between the rich and poor. We need to restructure life in a way that creates a good balance between work and leisure. We also need to encourage corporates to realise that they will need to change their practices if we are to support a healthy and happy longer life in a productive manner. Society is embarking on a slow process of dramatic change as longevity puts pressure on established norms.