About Andrew

Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics at London Business School. His research, writing and talks focus on the macro trends that shape the global environment – from technology, longevity and globalisation through to interest rates and exchange rates.

His work on longevity emphasises the positive impact of a longevity dividend – it isn’t just that there are more old people but how we are ageing is changing. Andrew’s 2016 book “The 100 Year Life” on this theme became an award winning global best seller, translated into 15 languages.

He has been an advisor to a range of corporates and governments on a broad range of economic issues and an award winning public speaker combining insight, clarity, humour and a motivation to action for anyone who hears him.

He previously held positions at Harvard University, London School of Economics and All Souls, Oxford University. He has a MA from Oxford, a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and a D.Phil. from Oxford University. He is currently on the advisory board of the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility, a member of the Cabinet Office Honours Committee (Science and Technology) and co-founder of The Longevity Forum and Encore Fellows (UK).